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This is a portal to all things interesting but not work related. It should be clear that i like tech stuff and you find that much of this content overlaps work rather often.

I have just shifted to Vienna, Austria. Its taking a little while to settle in but we are getting there. I am currently focusing on a RTS game that my brother and I are working on in my spare time. Blender is used as the modeler and Java is the chosen platform so we can cross platform release without a small army of developers.

About This Page

This page is based on a example provided by newtedge. I have rewritten and adjusted the CSS for my needs. The background Image is rendered with the Blender internal renderer and the model is from the blender model repository. It will be replaced buy a model from the game soon.

IE users

This page does not work properly in IE. Please get a better browser like firefox or opera. Soon you will not be permitted to view this site and will be automatically redirected to firefox/opera download pages.